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We are pleased to invite you to visit Brightpoint AI's booth at the Generative AI Expo 2024. Join us for a discussion on advanced Generative AI strategies and solutions

FEB 13-15 | Greater Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale | BOOTH 339


Why Should You Join Us?

Come and explore the realm of advanced Generative AI strategies alongside Dr. Dipika Mirpuri and Navin Mirpuri. We'll tackle the challenges you're currently facing in this ever-evolving business landscape.

Whether you're currently utilizing Enterprise Applications, have recently implemented them, or are contemplating their adoption, this event provides a unique opportunity to delve into how AI, ML, and IoT can automate your operations and propel your Digital Transformation objectives forward.

Industry-specific AI Solutions


CHATPOiNT (Smart Chat Bot – Powered by ChatGPT)
Human-like conversation to provide efficient, personalized, and round-the-clock support, enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining your operations.


DEFECTGUARD (Defect Detection)
Identify and flag defects swiftly and accurately, ensuring high-quality outcomes and streamlined processes for your business.


DOCUSEARCH (Document Searcher)
Harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence to swiftly locate, retrieve, and organize your essential documents.


DOCUPARSE (Document Parsing)
Designed to automate and simplify the document management process by using data analysis to identify and extract relevant information from various types of documents.


DOCUGEN (Document Generator)
Automate and optimize the generation of documents, saving time and resources while ensuring accuracy and consistency in your content.


SMARTRACK (Resource Tracking)
Monitor and locate people or inventory items in real-time, optimizing resource allocation, security, and operational efficiency.

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Generative AI

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Computer Vision

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Meet Our Experts

Brightpoint AI takes great pride in being a sponsor of this year's event. We eagerly anticipate your presence, and our in-house experts and team members are excited to see you there!


Dr. Dipika Mirpuri | CEO

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Navin Mirpuri | President

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Schedule 1:1 Meeting

Discover how Brightpoint AI's Generative AI Solutions Empowers Business Applications

Prepare to gain valuable, real-world AI-Driven insights tailored to address the challenges you're currently facing in this dynamic business environment. Summit NA offers an extensive lineup of informative and educational sessions designed to provide comprehensive learning opportunities across all versions of Dynamics 365 F&SCM/AX, CE/CRM, BC/NAV, Dynamics GP & SL, and the Microsoft Power Platform.

Our Recent Achievements


Brightpoint AI Wins Company Of The Year 2023 Award


Winner of 2023 Stevie® Awards for Tech Startup of the Year


Brightpoint AI Wins the Silver Stevie® Award for Women in Business


Brightpoint AI Wins BASA Award for Best Startup -Tech & AI


Dipika Mirpuri selected to join Leadership Miami® by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce


An article by Dipika on How AI Can Help Drive Student Success in Higher Education Institutions has been published in the Florida Technology Council 

Explore Brightpoint AI Solutions

Optimizing Legal Services Document Management Process

Search Documents Swiftly with DocuSearch 

Automate Document Parsing with DocuParse

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