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Brightpoint AI is the vision of Dr. Dipika Mirpuri, a pharmacist with an IT degree in Engineering. She recognized the importance of AI when she had the opportunity to participate in an AI project in the managed care market during her professional career. Dr. Mirpuri swiftly explored how important AI can be for small, medium-sized, and large organizations armed with a broad understanding of the benefits of AI and ML and vast industry experience in the healthcare, higher education, and IT sectors. Brightpoint AI was established in 2022 to promote the ethical and fair use of AI.

Brightpoint AI’s philosophy is simple, to improve outcomes for our clients using insightful and resourceful AI-based solutions. We understand that widespread acceptance of change within the organization is the first step toward a successful AI implementation. We have a committed team working in unison to convey a clear message that AI is integrated with human aspects and input, both of which are essential for the success of an AI project. Our AI solutions enhance productivity of employees, freeing their valuable time up for crucial tasks.

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Dipika Mirpuri

"Our vision is to resourcefully and thoughtfully transform the way we work with the help of Al by enabling processes, reducing administrative work, and using predictive analytics for better decision-making, leading to better company outcomes".

Dr. Dipika Mirpuri | Managing Director

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