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AI for Across Industries

Empowering industries with the intelligence of AI

The potential of any industry is vast, but it can be challenging to realize that potential without the right tools and strategies. That's where AI-driven solutions come in. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, industries can unlock new opportunities and streamline operations in ways that were once unimaginable

time tracking


Create a job requisition and track applicants throughout the HR Recruitment life cycle with our AI based Applicant Tracking System. We combine sophisticated features of AI technology to minimize manual tasks and maximize the HR recruitment specialists time to focus on their core responsibilities.



Our innovative Document parsing tool can detect any possible resume format and extract information into a database or a CRM as per your customized requirements, thus eliminating the need for manual processing of data and information.



Our AI powered Form Extractor product is capable of processing an electronic document and extracting relevant information based on client criteria.

business credit score


The resume scoring tool works with our Resume Parser, wherein, candidate’s resumes are matched with the job descriptions they are applying for, and based on a set of customizable parameters, resumes are scored to enable the most valuable candidates to be identified and processed on a priority basis.

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