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Brightpoint AI Solutions and Services

Brightpoint AI Solutions and Services

We develop customized AI based solutions for our clients, using AI tools, customized interfaces and code.

Our expertise is integrating these AI solutions with various systems such as ERP and CRM, thereby providing a hybrid and cost-effective approach.

We combine the human element with the AI element, thus providing a more feasible and viable long-term solution to business problems.

AI Based Services and Solutions

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Our AI Expertise Across Industries

Higher Education
Higher Education

Higher Education

We provide solutions to foster student recruitment initiatives, Student Information Systems (SIS), and Learning Management Systems (LMS), promotestudent retention,student success, and track student learning and development. We use a variety of integrated tools and AI technologies like chatbots and predictive models which work with LMS systems and the university infrastructure to provide customized solutions to commonly faced issues with higher education institutions.

Human Resources
Human Resources

Human Resources

Streamline and increase overall hiring efficiency and promote increased applicant satisfaction with our AI powered Applicant tracking system, Resume parsing tool, Automated AI virtual assistants, automated meeting scheduling, email sending, and communication tools. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of recruiting platforms. Leverage AI to hire better talent faster using BPAI technologies!



Since the world is getting automated daily, Brightpoint AI technology services help the manufacturing sector to provide all the advantages of seamless AI solutions.



Artificial intelligence has begun to alter how buildings are planned and constructed and how repetitive construction tasks like bricklaying are carried out. Take advantage of our AI based solutions integrated with ERP and other systems to streamline your construction business.



Our wide variety of AI tools and products can be customized to find the perfect solution to commonly faced health care industry problems. Free up invaluable time of healthcare practitioners by automating everyday tasks like note transcription, completion of various documentation protocols, and other communication tasks. Harness the power of our predictive analysis solutions to develop customized treatment plan options for your patients.

Our Story

Brightpoint AI is the vision of Dr. Dipika Mirpuri, a pharmacist with an IT degree in Engineering. She recognized the importance of AI when she had the opportunity to participate in an AI project in the managed care market during her professional career. Dr. Mirpuri swiftly explored how important AI can be for small, medium-sized, and large organizations armed with a broad understanding of the benefits of AI and ML and vast industry experience in the healthcare, higher education, and IT sectors. Brightpoint AI was established in 2022 to promote the ethical and fair use of AI.

Our Story

Brightpoint AI’s philosophy is simple, to improve outcomes for our clients using insightful and resourceful AI-based solutions. We understand that widespread acceptance of change within the organization is the first step toward a successful AI implementation. We have a committed team working in unison to convey a clear message that AI is integrated with human aspects and input, both of which are essential for the success of an AI project. Our AI solutions enhance productivity of employees, freeing their valuable time up for crucial tasks.

Dr. Dipika Mirpuri

Dr. Dipika Mirpuri
Managing Director

Our Products

Applicant Tracking System

Create a job requisition and track applicants throughout the HR Recruitment life cycle with our AI based Applicant Tracking System. We combine sophisticated features of AI technology to minimize manual tasks and maximize the HR recruitment specialists time to focus on their core responsibilities.

Resume Parser

Our innovative resume parsing tool can detect any possible resume format and extract information into a database or a CRM as per your customized requirements, thus eliminating the need for manual processing of data and information.

Resume Scorer

The resume scoring tool works with our Resume Parser, wherein, candidate’s resumes are matched with the job descriptions they are applying for, and based on a set of customizable parameters, resumes are scored to enable the most valuable candidates to be identified and processed on a priority basis.

Form extractor

Our AI powered Form Extractor product is capable of processing an electronic document and extracting relevant information based on client criteria.

Higher Education Products

Student Retention Systems

The use of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics makes it possible to predict the success rates of new and returning students and identify the students who are at a risk of dropping out, so that appropriate interventions can be made.

Student Success Systems

The primary focus for this product is to provide guidance to the students who have been identified as high risk for performing poorly by the use of virtual assistants and virtual AI powered intervention techniques. This system integrates with common LMS systems like Canvas and Blackboard amongst others.

Admissions Optimizer

Lead scoring and student recruitment campaign optimization is possible with our AI powered admissions optimizer. The admissions department will be able to optimize the work time of advisors, targeting efforts at prospects who have increased enrollment potential, thus increasing the conversion rate of the recruitment campaigns.

Career Optimizer

Knowledge of the skill requirements for various careers are used to estimate the student’s readiness and suitability for various careers.

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