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How AI can help drive student success in Higher Education Institutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a value addition for higher education institutions for augmenting tasks and services to help boost student success stories. Through AI-enabled cloud applications, institutions can gain superior business outcomes via intelligent features. AI algorithms showcase a lot of promise towards transforming higher education in colleges and universities by taking care of administrative activities as well as mundane tasks.

Rising investments in digital AI tech is moving at a rapidly increasing pace that is certain to drive industry growth substantially. As per a recent study by Global Market Insights, Artificial Intelligence in the education sector in 2021 exceeded USD 2 billion. Expected growth estimations put it to nearly USD 80 billion between the years from 2022 to 2030.

Some of the futuristic benefits of AI in institutions providing higher education

  • Only a handful of universities are currently having an AI strategy. The time is now to plan to develop one.

  • Universities find it difficult to recruit and retain staff able to teach and research in AI

  • AI will help increase the demand for university graduates and will lead to higher profit ratios.

  • AI will enable institutions to assess students, provide feedback, and generate a scientific test proposition for efficient management.

  • Colleges and universities will not ramp down teaching, research, or administration staff, on the contrary may even recruit more.

BrightPoint AI Technologies can help institutions to create, train, deploy and manage their AI solutions to optimize their day-to-day workings and boost performance parameters to help drive student success. For e.g. institutions can help improve their student experience by using chatbots to support student applications, admissions and registration procedures. The cost and time spent on student recruiting can be considerably lessened with the help of AI solutions that can aid in matching students to the relevant programs suitable for them.

Artificial Intelligence can also provide a personalized learning curve to enhance the student experience for bettering student results with virtual academic tutors and advisors. AI can help to identify data patterns to predict student futures especially for those at risk, so that timely and personalized mentoring should become a priority that could lead to enriched student success for improving retention and graduation scales for all their students.

AI may influence the higher education sector in more ways than just reduction of operational hurdles or reducing costs.

Admissions of Domestic and International Students will change

College and University admission teams with the help of AI algorithms will be able to better focus their efforts to envisage the applicants most likely to be enrolled and accepted, and the states and countries from which they will come from. These algorithms could also clinch data of the enrolled students to determine who are most likely to progress and graduate. Through automating the admission process, many channels relating to Visa processing, course registration, student housing, etc. can be efficiently customized for providing students with a welcoming experience to the institution.

Retaining of students would become more proactive

AI can identify early red flags or warning signs of those students who may be inevitably struggling academically. This will enable student monitoring teams to concentrate more on those students retention proactively, rather than react at a later stage to overcome their problems.

Educational Institutions Reputation Value will boost up

With the help of Artificial Intelligence educational institutions will be able to provide higher quality experiences throughout the entire student life cycle. They will be able to identify shortlist and enrol student applications who may be the best fit for their institution and more likely to graduate rather than just admit anyone who may eventually be a dropout or a non-performing student.

On the whole, AI’s main benefit in educational institutions is saving of time. AI helps in performing time taking tasks more efficient, admin staff are enabled to focus their efforts on bettering student experiences at their institutions.

AI bears the potential to introduce significant changes in educational institutions of all sizes and types. Educational institutions that harness the power of AI get to augment student growth, anticipate student enrolments and promote academic performance on the go.

Summing it up

Artificial Intelligence technologies are becoming efficient tools for promoting personalized learning and promoting equity in institutions big and small. Looking for a technology partner to yoke the power of AI into your educational institution of higher education, BrightPoint is the best development company in the market today. We bring with us a team of seasoned professionals that have years of experience in providing the best available technology options in Artificial Intelligence to bolster the student success in institutions providing higher education facilities. Contact us today.

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